5 pediatric deaths from

flu have occurred the week ending March 14 bringing the total to 149 pediatric death from SEASONAL FLU this flu season.

In week #9 of 2020, 37,656 people died, 384 people died as a result of Flu (NOT CORONA VIRUS), 2280 people died of pneumonia. 7.07% of all deaths were from flu and pneumonia. This is a ONE WEEK STATISTIC.

In the corona/chinese virus there are 11,200 confirmed diagnosed cases and a TOTAL of 157 people have died since the beginning of this disease.

Thankfully, the panic can continue and the world can watch corona virus like a baseball game and we can cry about a lack of respirators, shortage of M95 masks and how there is no VACCINE (which flu DOES have, yet it wiped out 384 last week) and the debate on potato book can continue with men's and people talking like experts about pandemics and herd immunity.

Where did I get my info? Right from CDC:

the weekly chart data is in the link labeled "View chart data" under the Pneumonia and Influenza Mortality Surveillance

As we continue to tie our economies and buy up toilet paper like a bunch of jackasses, flu quietly continues to wipe of plenty of folks. Who does flu kill? Older folks with underlying medical conditions. Gee, sound familiar?

Corona virus is the most overreacted disease in a while.

Media and social media are to a great degree driving this hysteria.

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