Got a Universal M1 carbine ...

Whoa! Hold on! Yeah I know their reputation, but this is a 1963 first gen Universal, made early on when they were still using lots of GI parts (bolt, slide, milled rear sight, most internal FCG parts, bayonet lug barrel band), and the stock is a really nice BWI matched walnut beauty. Even had an original sling & oil bottle. Barrel is made by Universal but looks real nice. While the barrel, receiver and exposed parts of the slide are polished and deep blued (I would have preferred parked or at least a matte blue), it looks nice and feels real good. Nice and tight. It does have a Universal aluminum trigger housing, the early type which is configured like the GI ones unlike their later cheesier "rectangular" type, which I figure is OK since AR15's have aluminum lowers which seem to be OK.

Basically traded it at a local gun shop for a CZ75 Tactical pistol, which was given to me and which I didn't really care for.

Haven't shot it yet, still waiting on parts (needed a new extractor plunger & spring, & a 30 rd. mag catch, and I'm replacing the action spring). I had two 15-round and three 30-round mags already, all GI. Just loaded up 150 rounds of ammo (still had the mags & dies from waaay back when I had a carbine), and am looking forward to shooting it.