Wuhan Flu Panic 2020 Sitrep from grocery store run

The Mrs wanted to hit Costco which I vetoed and took her to the local grocery store. Lot was full and only about 20 carts remained outside. Inside it was hectic but mothing surprisingly smoothly. Lots of people in PPE but more without. Rationing on Poultry and Rice. They were just stocking chicken so we grabbed a roaster. It was the first one I've seen in over a week. Grabbed some organic ground beef (All others regular types were sold out) and a nice flank steak. Canned goods still picked over. Pasta sauce was decimated as was the pasta but there was no rationing on that so we stocked up on what they had on hand (Off Brand Types). All together it was better than it was last week when I shopped there. I'd say it is cause for cautious optimism at this point that the supply system is keeping up.

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