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October 16, 2019

Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)

RE: Texas License to Carry Alternative Permit Check

As you are aware, a valid Texas License to Carry (LTC) may be used as alternative permit under 18 U.S.C. § 922(t)
to authorize a firearm transfer without the otherwise required national instant criminal background (NICS) check.
As with all privileged licenses, there are situations that result in suspension or revocation of the privileged status.
Historically, less than 35 percent of suspended, revoked, or otherwise invalid LTCs are surrendered as requested.
As such, there are circumstances under which an LTC may appear valid on its face (having not expired), yet is no
longer valid and should not be used as an alternative permit. Specifically, the LTC may have been suspended,
revoked, voluntarily surrendered or the licensee may have been reported deceased.

While the department is not aware of an invalid LTC used in such a manner, we believe that providing FFLs a
convenient avenue to verify the LTC is an important safeguard to prevent such action. The department has
developed a web-based search tool and a dedicated automated telephone line for FFLs to verify the status of the
license when a prospective purchaser seeks to use an LTC as an alternative permit when purchasing a firearm.
While the search is not required by law, DPS highly encourages FFLs to take advantage of this simple verification
opportunity. The search will return results indicating if the license qualifies for use as an alternative permit.

Please note, the results provided are based either on the license holder no longer meeting Texas’ statutory eligibility
criteria or are based on the reported death of the license holder. An invalid LTC does not mean the individual may
not legally purchase a firearm under federal law - there are state disqualifiers for license eligibility that are not
federal disqualifiers. For this reason, the presentation of an invalid LTC does not mean the firearm transfer should
not proceed, but only that the prospective purchaser is not exempt from the NICS check.

This tool is available 24/7 at:

-> Website:
-> Telephone Number: (512)424-5700

Individuals issued an LTC may contact the Texas Department of Public Safety by visiting the department’s website
at: or by calling (512)424-7293 during normal business hours.


Skylor Hearn,
Deputy Director

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