May check home insurance too.

I hear they may void your policy if you have too much. That said, if you have them in another building not attached to home it might only void that building.

I filled several for generators before the panic, I figured I would use it this year to mow and anything I feel is getting stale I can just dump in a vehicle and use. I did use stabile in it because..... Corona.

I did learn that the boat tanks pull off the bottom, therefore my forgetting to open the top vent allowed it to build up pressure with the temps raising and falling. That pressure pushed the fuel right out of the can onto the floor. Note to self, open the damned vent next time. I have a gas cap for my generator that attaches to my boat fuel tank to allow me to gravity feed the main 1 gallon tank with whatever size boat tank I want to connect. I currently have a 3 gallon and a 6 gallon. Since the boat tank is a bit of distance from the generator I also feel safer filling while generator is running so power isn't interrupted.

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