Lot of Goofy in that proposal:

Did you catch where both Estates & Trusts are eligible for the Cash ?

Another part of it is that it apparently will only be available to folks who filed:

A taxpayer is described in this paragraph if the taxpayer

2 (A) has qualifying income of at least $2,500, or

3 (B) has—

4 (i) net income tax liability which is greater than zero, and

5 (ii) gross income which is greater than the basic standard deduction."

Plenty of low income types don't file
independent contractors examples of which range from Strippers. Most don't get an hourly, in fact they often pay the club for stage time and work off tips.
Another is basic landscaping services
Guys that paint shit

Homeless in general don't file

Another wrinkle will allow those recently sentenced to Prison for say rape, murder, what not who worked in 2019 and file to receive their due $1200.00 however it appears someone who was out of the workforce for the past year due to illness or injury may have nothing coming

Not sure if this will make it through the House
it's not even close to what Trump & Munchin were talking about either
I mean why should Estates & Trusts be anywhere involved in this ?
the premise is getting cash out to those hardest hit and they are on the bottom tier of a largely service based sector of the economy

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