You know, one thing i have learned thru

My wife (red head) is dam brilliant, on her for 3 days to get chlorine, finally lets on we have 8 gallon of pool chlorine at 12% in the basement...then she points to her vinegar and aloe stash she has on hand.....she has more dam alcohol wipes then we could ever use us well...kid grew up poor..heated house with stove oven and had holes in her house floor...comes up with craziest shit one can dont mean shit to her...5bucks in her wallet and she is rich....come home and she is siting in the living room room reading the bible and not one dam worry in the world...i chose well and i have been the dumb ass

Also learned that people are broke, scared and completly unprepared for any disruption..its no wonder they have been so easily lead by the news media and the left...god speed

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