MoFaR: We Be Hunkerin' Down

It's like Katrina with power, water, gasoline and the stores open, so it's not too bad ---> yet. My oldest kid who works at The Superdome got a call from his boss to notify him that one of his older co-workers is officially DIAGNOSED with The Kung Flu and is sick as a dawg. They told him to stay home and quarantine and all that happy shit until further notice. I don't know if he should come by the house or what for the next few days.

Kenner is "supposed" to go on "TOTAL LOCKDOWN" (sounds like a chump movie title with Seagull or Schwarzenegger in it) TOMORROW. They do not want anyone to go out. They might also close the airport down for a while too. No one knows for sure. Most of what we hear is rumors or fake news anyway.

The highest concentration of The Kung Flu has been in Noo'Awlins. No shit. Also the paper said that some of the people around the country that tested positive for it ATTENDED MARDI GRAS. Well there's a surprise. Talk about a gigantic "Share A Disease" program.


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