I am conflicted on this

The conflicting part about this is, I am thrilled that the liberals are eating their own. Should he be in jail for bopping willing participants? I don't think so. Though if the prostitutes had brought this up when it first happened, I would have had more compassion. There was no complaint when they had movie offers being made to them. Is he a piece of shit? Hell yes! Have those women been violated? I don't know, but probably. Did they go to the authorities when their "attacks" first happen? I don't think so. It appears to be that it was common knowledge that he used the "casting couch". As far as I know, all of the victims were adults. If they were children, then that is something completely different, and prison would be too good for him.

Tom In Va.
Wishing my wife would turn the damn TV off, before I do an Elvis.

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