Well that was a goddam nightmare.

Just finished changing the control switch for the well pump. Everything I touched broke. the plastic hose that feeds the pressure switch was of course rotten and the first thing to break. Even the brand new part had a stripped screw that Iii didn't find until the water line was hooked to the new switch. Luckily I got the fxcked up screw out (with difficulty) and had another to replace it with.
the new switch is a 20psi/40psi from the factory, but the pump is running 25psi/45psi so either the gauge is skewed, or the factory succks st setting them up. Everything seems to be working so far. I Jerry rigged the pressure switch hose using some spare ice maker line. I'm about 20% sure it's not going to blow off and spray water everywhere sometime in the next week. Yeah, it's a shxt repair. Hopefully I won't be sick next week and I can tear all that shxt back apart and replace the leaking pressure tank. The pump is garbage, and has rust holes all over it, but you can't replace it without pulling the guts out of the well apparently. I've been told once you pull it up it tips the seal on the foot valve and everything needs to be piled out and replaced, which means pulling the roof off the pump house. Yay.

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