Once again...

Once again, when was the last time we heard the medical community say that the thousands of people who died from
influenza could have been saved if only we had more respirators/ventilators or ICU beds.

Far more people have respiratory distress and die in greater numbers from co-morbidity factors from flu than what is
currently being experienced from the Wuhan virus. It seems that it was never a problem in the past, so why is it
such a big issue now? This type of treatment isn't going to save the typical COPD, obese, diabetic, chronic renal disease,
or people with other chronic conditions. This virus, as does influenza, will kill those compromised patients regardless
of whether there are ICU beds, or ventilators available. This type of medical care will only save those who are marginally

It seems that the vast majority of infected people are asymptomatic, but serve as active carrier vectors. Those who are
symptomatic report experiencing intense fevers (~103ºF) which abate within 24 hrs, followed by a dry persistent cough.
The vast majority having severe distress are those with underlying medical conditions. In Italy, most of the young patients
who died had secondary medical conditions.

The takeaway is that if you're young and healthy you have a good chance of being asymptomatic, or experiencing fatigue
just like any other cold. There's a small chance you could become febrile and experience more unpleasant reactions.
If you look like the majority of "Gomers"² walking around the typical gun-show (bloated sacks o' shit who huff 'n puff walking
from the parking lot), then you may have a more difficult time than the vast majority of those infected.

Lifestyle issues are going to bite the young on the ass. The elderly with underlying conditions have a high chance of dying,
but if it wasn't COVID, then influenza would have gotten them. The only difference is that the media wouldn't have
considered that newsworthy, because it happens ALL THE TIME, and in much greater numbers. A shortage of ventilators
has never been an issue in the past with far more people being killed by the flu, so what makes people think it's an issue now?
Oh, yeah, because the media keeps flogging on it.

Some medical supply companies are going to get very rich selling stuff to the Government. I wonder if it will become mana
from heaven to be given free to hospitals, or whether it'll be stored (until worthless) like a lot of the civil defense shit that was
tossed out in the 70s-80s.

(²) Gomer = [From the book "House of God"]
Get Out (of) My Emergency Room!

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