I remember how I felt about SARS

and how I felt about Ebola, especially when 0bama had some Ebola patients admitted to the US for treatment. Yeah, it had me all concerned about the end of the country and MASSIVE deaths. But they never happened.

I am not sure why I should keep getting worked up over every scare. I was not around for the Asian Flu of 1957, and I do not remember the Hong Kong Flu of '68. But each of those were worse than Corona/COVID19.
Yes, this is getting blown WAAAAYYYYYY out of proportion. Why do I think that? Because the Far-Left Media and Far-Left politicians are making every effort to blame Trump. If Schumer would have kept his mouth shut, and if teh Media weren't trying to pin it all on Trump, then I might be taking it a bit more seriously. Is it a serious illness? Yes. But I do not see it as bad as the Media is trying to make it out to be, for the reasons stated.

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