Exactly! I myself was started...

...on a "sartan", which is an "ARB", similar to an ACE inhibitor, about a month and a half ago. My doses are still getting increased because of poor control. When I first heard of this I also questioned whether I should switch.

As I got further into the literature, some very contradictory stuff started coming out. Without getting too deeply into the details, it seems that while the meds seem to increase the incidence of infection, being on them seems to have a specific protective effect on lung complications. There's a group in Minnesota that are proposing the use of "sartans" on severely impacted covid patients to ameliorate the pulmonary effects.

After going back and forth for a couple of days, I've decided to just keep on the meds and get more focused on my self-isolation. I would advise everyone taking the ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs) to do the same.

I only pointed this out in discussion about how interesting the corona virus is turning out to be.


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