CISA is the Cyber Agency in DHS

CISA is the new name for NPPD, (National Policy Programs Directorate). CISA's new name is Cyber something. I am too lazy to google it.

In the order of feckless useless government bureaucrats, CISA is right above the sewer line that ATF establishes as "The worst federal agency."

The letter is very odd in that emergency response is clearly a FEMA assingment, but lately, for some reason we can't fathom, CISA has been taking a lot of assignment from other DHS entities and running with them.

I know one of the Senior (SES) folks who works for CISA. I can't stress enough how incompetent this guy is. He is literally the dumbest motherfucker any of us in government contracting has met. His resume says he has several advanced degrees from a Rhode Island school that no longer exists. But somehow he got a SES position at NPPD, and when they became CISA, he was literally the only guy available so they put him in charge.

We are truly fucked if the USA is depending on this asshat to save us. The only good news is that if he is put in charge of the FEMA death camps many here fear, he will probably volunteer to be the first person to go through to make sure the machine works.

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