Anyone know anything about jet pumps?

Our pump started acting up a couple days ago. It starts up and will not shut off. Stops building pressure at around 45 psi. I assume it's just recycling water through the pump/causing at this point.
The pressure switch is really old, it says it's factory set at 20 on / 40 off.
if I fxck with the switch it turns on at 30 and off at 42.
I assume I need to replace the pressure switch. It seems like 20/40 is really low pressure for a house? Did someone fxck with the adjustment to change it to 30/42, or is it doing this because the switch is buggered? our old house was 50 psi city water and it seemed the pressure was low.
The house here has always had shxt water pressure, not even enough to run a shower massage. The underground main line is 3/4" pipe which is really small for a main.
If I install a factory set 20/40 switch, am I going to notice the missing 10 psi?
I don't think the old shxtty pump can handle a 40/60 switch, and probably not even a 30/50 since the pump will run continuously at 42-45 forever.
Do I dare fxck with the preset and set it to 30/40?
Really would like to avoid long term problems. I need to replace the pressure tank too as it is the old air gap style and has patches over a bunch of rust holes. Already have the new tank sitting there, bought it right before the Kung Flu took me out.
We really need a new well, but that's not going to happen. Not enough $, Still saving up to replace the damn roof that got damaged from the hurricane.

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