Wife works in the medical field...

She was just given a letter the other day stating if you're sick stay home unless you are deathly ill type sick.Their complex can't even get the test kits. If you show a fever, you go home and stay home. If you have a crazy fever you go to the hospital which is a few blocks away. She has contact with almost every patient in her office and is required to be at work. Most of the other clerical staff is working from home. The other girl working next to her is pregnant. Both of them get lower pay than the people working from home who have little risk. The only safety equipment offered is a useless surgical mask.
She has always been very anal about disinfecting her work station between patients. They used to make fun of her. Nobody is making fun of her now.
They use tablets to check people in and she disinfects them every time someone touches one at her station. She is the only one doing it.
Patients have stolen all the hand sanitizer and masks put out for them. They have no more to put out.

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