Started in China to clear out the non-productive?

The ones who are past working in factories as slave laborers and who are consuming most of the government funds to exist on a pension and who eat up medical Yuans. They would be removed from the rolls of the unproductive in China, and help spread the disease around the world.
As far as its effect on the West in general and the US in specific: regardless of the philosophical ends of clearing out the conservative elderly, look what it has done to our economy in general. It may not kill a lot of people off, but it sure has killed our economy.

Mission accomplished, round eye!

The wake-up call has got to be that we need to look more to home for production, and not to China.
So far, China has given us:
Just about every plague that man kind has known.
The psyllid fly that is destroying our citrus crop
The Emerald Ash Borer, that is wiping out our Ash trees.
The Asian Longhorn beetle that is a threat to our maple and other trees,
And this COVID19 bio-weapon.

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