SITREP on my friend, Charley.....

From his daughter.
He was in a good spirits and joking with the surgeon and team this morning before Anesthesia.....he wanted a precision repair.
All aspects of his surgery and bypass went flawlessly. He got a specially prepared pig valve that won't be rejected because of how it was treated (patented process from another friend of his) and his surgeon had put in over a thousand of these so Charley was in good hands!)
Tonight he's resting okay, but pretty doped up. He's gonna be sore for awhile, but we have a group of novice ladies to teach an intro firearms class to early in May and he'll be ready for that, guaranteed.
Prospects for a full recovery are excellent.
FYI, he was in the USMC from 1960-1964 and a machinist for 3M for 26 years. Now he operates his own job shop and is one of the most gifted machinists I know, and a best friend. He makes anything, specializing in gun parts and specialty surgical instruments and devices.
I thank you all for the prayers and am sure he does too.


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