Just one? Yes, safety first, with children, good safe...

Big one in garage! For home defense, I'd want it ready for immediate access and close by. I haven't found that, in any safe!
I used to sell pistols and asked the women looking for protection...
Where do you plan on keeping it? Idk, prolly in nightstand...I'd ask, what if your in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bad guy is between you and your gun? They'd think a while and I'd see a light come on...I'd say, the safest place is on your my house??? Ridiculous!!! Is it? You want protection, you gonna use it? Bc if it ain't on ya you gotta have a better plan. I showed them my glock in my waistband, usually shorts & polo shirt w/shirt tail out, very concealed.
I'm not saying that you need to carry 24/7/365 but I don't know how to schedule an attack either.
I carry a NAA 22 mag, religiously, to have something that will get me to a larger weapon.
Best to run a couple scenarios, through your mind b4 making that big of a decision...What am I willing to do, to protect me & mine?
I've seen an unlocked picture frame at the front door w/pistol in it. I've seen pistols in every room of a house, hidden in plain sight.
With children the possibilities are very limited. Are the kids toddler's, not as dangerous...are they of school age? Very dangerous, even if they're safe with guns! If it's on your hip, danger is mitigated!
I'd see what my son is comfortable with after, if needed, going over scenarios that are real life safety related.
Good luck with whatever is decided...He Does Need Protection!!!

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