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...clinical properties. One of the most difficult problems in disease design is how to make it do the most damage without burning itself out and how to maximize spread within the target population. This little critter seems to have worked out both of these problems elegantly.

What y'all haven't heard yet is how this virus preferentially targets the old and infirm. There's lots of papers coming out on this the past 5 days or so but the media has remained mum. As humans get older their Renin/Angiotensin cascade and balance get out of whack, leading to hypertension. This same cascade is impacted by diabetes and other chronic CV disease. One of the intermediates in the cascade is an enzyme called Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2). Without going into any deep detail, angiotensin I is converted in the body to Angiotensin II which causes lots of BP issues among other things.

Many of the BP meds are in a new class called ACE inhibitors which block this enzyme. In so doing, the levels of ACE2 tend to build up. Well lo and behold, the Corona Virus spike protein binds specifically to ACE2, facilitating its entry into the cell. At one point, 30% of the ICU patients in China had been on ACE inhibitors!

The Angiotensin cascade in younger people is usually intact (except in diabetics) and their ACE2 levels are lower. None of this has been picked up by the media. There is a predilection for the A blood type as well. I have no idea what that means.

Just sayin',

K (former medical person)

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