Never put a snack cake in a vacuum chamber either.
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We had a vacuum chamber for sucking the bubbles out of potting material we poured into electronic modules to seal them for aircraft. I put a snack cake in there once, the cream filling expanded to the size of a soft ball.

We also had a vibration room used to test the equipment during heavy vibration and different frequencies. It simulated the jet engine vibrating on the aircraft because that is where the AFT control or DEC I was working on would be bolted. That thing was about 2 feet around and 3 feet high. It could probably shake the equipment apart if the right program was run. We connected all the cables and ran a series of tests while it was being shaken. It was sound proofed because it was so loud, so it was a nice place to take a nap over lunch break too if you were on night shift.

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