Re: And it continus.....closed down near local grocery store

Saw the mob outside of the 99th ave and McDowell costco.
Slow crawled my way thru the parking lot. Parked and walked to see how big the mob was.
No organization security only watching the mob letting them pile up at the door like bleating goats.
I get back then begin leaving the farm. I see the hording crew loading the SUV'S.
Was a large SUV and each part of the crew dumping their haul.

It was half way up to the head liner with Downey and soap just stuffed in tight.
This is and organized operation. No doubt about it.
No restaurants so it is off to QT for hot dogs . Yep QT kitchen was not operational but the hotdog rollers
Spitting out the dogs.

I know someone just got out after being checked for corona.

I now believe this virus has been hanging around for a couple years.

You would have needed to get sick from this many many times over the years
To build up an immunity so strong that your immune system swats this shit down with ease.

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