We have Roomba, Neato and a Bissel I got w/ hotel points

The hotel rewards bissell is the worst ever. The Neato has a much smarter coverage pattern but I have had problems w/ the lidar motor on 2 of them. The Roomba makes no sense the random way it wanders around. But they (Roomba) get the job done and have held up much better. We have a app enabled Roomba upstairs and the old Roomba went downstairs. The best of the Neatos which never really gave us much trouble is in the dining area.

We wouldn't be without them now. But, they aren't as good as an upright or canister vac and you still need to vacuum every week or so. They really help with pet hair though. We run all 3 robot vacs every other weekday. We end up fetching one to put on the charger manually when it doesn't make it home about once a week.

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