He didn't fizzle. The fix was in.

I really don't give a rat's ass what happened to that commie, but make no mistake, Millennials and many Gen X'ers liked his commie platform and so did a lot of people hypnotized or indoctrinated by socialist public education and higher learning.

It was a total shock to the Dems when Bernie won Iowa. To the point where they scuttled the vote count. Bernie is not the chosen man of the Dem machine.

But Bernie kept on pulling in high numbers, and if any more elections got scuttled no one would believe it was bad software.

So in a deal, several pulled out and pledged their delegates to Biden.

And now, worried about a Bernie win in Ohio, the Dem lapdog RINO postponed the important election there, distancing it out so Ohio became irrelevant.

In the meantime, the push is on for the doddering old fool who is often barely coherent, can't tell fact from fiction, can't remember anything, and who is showing utter contempt for ordinary working Americans. And he's getting a free pass from critics and the media. No one wants to call him on how unfit he is for office.

Of course, that is by design too. The real candidate is, and always has been, Hillary. There is no doubt she's been waiting in the wings for a brokered convention, or to be picked as VP, preferably by Biden. Who will eventually either have to resign due to the obvious dementia he has, or will be removed from office. Then Hillary becomes president.

The only thing standing in her way is Trump.

And what is the best way to get rid of Trump?

Destroy the economy.

Which brings us to this virus supposedly caused by bat soup.

Snip. Snap. Snee.

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