Deputy Who Survived Mountain Lion Attack: 'I Could've Died' *Link*

The Larimer County Sheriff's deputy who was attacked by a rabid mountain lion in Loveland, Colorado, told reporters that she feels lucky to be alive. LCSO Deputy Michelle Ross was one of the first officers on the scene after the mountain lion attacked another man in his driveway.

When officers arrived, the 91-pound animal was agitated and started running towards them.

"It (was) choosing to go towards people. I knew there was something wrong," Cindy Kirby, a Larimer County Department of Natural Resources Ranger explained.

The mountain lion pounced on Ross and bit her on the shoulder. She struggled to fight off the large feline as Ranger Chris Gardner kicked it off of her.

"That cat wanted to kill me. It had its mind set. Six inches away from my face, my throat. That was it," Ross said. "At that point, you don't really have time to sit there and ponder. You just do. I threw a mountain lion off myself, that doesn't happen very often."

The mountain lion ran off and was eventually tracked and killed by game wardens.

Luckily, Ross only suffered puncture wounds from the animal's strong bite. She was taken the hospital where she received treatment for rabies and her injuries.

"I feel extremely lucky. You know, don't tell me that God is not real," Ross said. "I am extremely lucky to be here and have fantastic people that I work with."

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