I still have not replinished my 5.56 stocks
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I do have a few large cardboard boxes full of trimmed/sized, deprimed, clean brass. I just haven't swapped the toolheads from prep, to press up new ammo. I still have a box of greasy brass that needs sized and deprimed so i'll get that all done first since its more time consuming. I still have 2 ammo cans full of M855 pulled green tip projos and lots of powder and primers so I don't need to get into those ammo cans stacked up with fresh factory rounds at this point. I think it was smart planning for me to hide all the new ammo on the bottom and behind the ammo-can wall of shooting ammo. at least I should have plenty of time to load up my 5.56 now and get to work on sizing the 308 stuff next

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