Another somewhat poor analogy

Another somewhat poor analogy.

It seems that whenever Government is involved in decision making, the result is always a maximum
negative impact for the least results. Look no further than TSA. A few Islamic terrorists try a shoe
bomb, and an underwear bomb, so does the Government screen potential miscreants who appear
swarthy, olive complexion, and are named Muhammad, or Khaleid Bin-Fuckhead? No! We hear horror
stories of Catholic nuns and small children being groped. We have TSA agents looking at body
scanners ogling young girls, while others strip search people with colostomy bags as their flights depart.
Every person in this country who flies is affected for minimal public good.

Instead of shutting down businesses and banning public gatherings, it's the people who are aged and
health compromised who should be self quarantining themselves. Not forced, but encouraged.

Schools should have never been closed. If grand-ma or grand-pa live in a multi-generational home,
then they should be encouraged to self segregate away from their kids. Dine separately. Use separate
rest rooms. The elderly health compromised should use grocery delivery services to avoid being in
public. Instead of trying to quarantining the nation, those at risk should self quarantine themselves.
Perhaps it is they who should skip bingo night than cancel NCAA ape-ball playoffs.

Instead, the Government has chosen the least effective solution with the greatest disruption.
As I said in my previous post, when this shit storm has ended, they won't be apologizing for all
the chaos; they'll be trumpeting how it was they who averted the apocalypse, which would have been
far more extreme had they not done the things they did. As everyone knows, it is not possible
to disprove a negative.

With regard to Government (that necessary evil) I am always reminded of those words spoken
by the great philosopher and observer of the human condition, Moses Harry Horwitz:

"Every time you think, you weaken the Nation."
- Moe

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