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Based on the damage to the world and US economy, this ought to have been highly contagious Ebola and AIDS rolled into one. Instead it's more like a mild case of the flu for the vast majority of people, though it is a serious problem for very old people and people with various serious health problems. There may be a small percentage of apparently healthy, young people who get very sick and go on ventilators and who may die, and you can be sure the media will pick out those people and their stories to whip up the hype. But the big picture? It's a very contagious flu, that is really dangerous for old and/or sick people.

Instead of shutting everything down for everyone, why don't they just tell old and sick people to stay home and practice "social distancing?"

Crashing he economy will hurt everyone, and arguably, may indirectly lead to more deaths, for example if supply chains etc. are really bad for a long time.

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