Pitty the Fool that does not buy

SILVER Right Now. It is at a 100 to 1 ratio with gold. It is used in industry, and you can hold it with little trouble. People on these very boards have been either all or board or think I am a fool. Trust me, not too many people call me a fool. Yeah I have been called a lot of things, but most people listen to what I say. When the dust start to settle on all this, silver will be around 700 or more an ounce. It will then rise to 1K per ounce over the next few months as things try to go back to normal. That is a very large profit if I am right and probably not much of a chance of loosing if I am wrong. Your house and land is a good investment because you are using dollars that are soon to be worthless for the well being of your survival. Just remember, a 1k dollar investment in silver, think 90 percent junk silver coins will make you very rich.

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