Put a Fork in us, were done. Let me explain why.

A few years ago, someone asked on this board will the market see 2o,ooo or 3o,ooo next when it was around 23,3oo. Well we almost made it to 3ok. A few years back, I studied the 1929 crash and it spiraled down. Off 5oo points the first day, comes back 3oo the next. Called the dead cat bounce. Then off another large amount only to climb back some of the lose the next day. Finally, bam the market fell more then it could ever recover and it was over. Took WW2 to bring us back into the black. Well damn if the same is not happening now. We have lost 1/3 of the market value in less then a month. With the amount of debt that every country and person is holding, no where to go but a reset. It has happened before, many times. As I stated below, it does not really make any difference how you lose your life saving, or net worth, it will go away. If it is the stock market, inflation, bank closings, 401 K's disappearing, or our govt. saying we need a one world currency. We will give you x for every 10 dollars you turn in, you will lose it. Invest in items of real value and hang on, road gets very bumpy from here on.

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