I had a lot of internal debate about it. i did.
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and I'm not overly confident in my stance but it is my stance.
It took a LONG time to crystallize.

When China 1st developed it- i thought nothing
when Italy first got it- ho -hum
When Italy worsened and quarantined...a real quarantine not some horseshit "self quarantine American style BS"- It got my attn BIG time
then all the media and info I read--- I went over to the "this is bad " stance
then the market went apeshit...- I went to "ya know...this is prob a LOT worse than i thought. this IS Terrible. "

Consume more and more info...lots from here...and I thank everyone...for the links, the discussions, the pros, the cons of every such debate
We dont really KNOW. This is unique for our lives really. Mine at least.

And the fear in society climbed and the media climbed and the restaurants closed and talk of flattening the curve is everywhere as if we are facing an imminent medical tsunami /crisis.

I read the docs reports from Italy, the doc from NE hospital or whatever talking about his parents.
I've seen my hospital go on lock down. People look at me when i cough.
My wife is tweaked up. kids outta school and she wont let them go to the gym to workout or whatever.

I decided this morning that I had succumbed to fear and hype. I had been had.

So.... i think a full 90% of this CV19 state of affairs RIGHT NOW is over reaction. Plain and simple. Not 100% but rather 90%...maybe 80%.

Either way...and I could be wrong...and I have been on both sides emotionally and intellectually on this. I try to have an open mind. i do.

And my best guess and stance is.... this situation and responses have been WAY blown outta proportion to the actual disease itself.

I hope Im right.

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