i feel your frustration. some points here
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1. this is bigger than Trump. This house of cards has been going on in spades if you will since 2008 end of Bush. obama ramped it up greatly. ZIRP, etc.

2. Americans quit caring about the debt /deficit. Seriously. i used to get wound up about it ..for yrs in fact. I gave up...bc nobody in power cares about it. Im not saying thats a good thing . But rather thats its reality

3. Trump as all pols first and foremost want to get re elected and and have things on their watch stable and good...and the hell with the long term afterwards.

4. Thus the spending. Gobs of it. Massive deficits even with "booming economy". God save us when the economy sucks. what will happen then???? Oh...well we are about to find out here REAL soon.

5. Taking into account the above...Trump had to spend bigly here. Its the only pathway. There will be no further fiscal hawks. Ever. thats done.

6. As far as cv19 response... all pols and people nature is "to do something". In our world its perceived that "doing something" is always better than "doing nothing"- even if the results are worse.

That why what is happening is occurring.
None of this is unexpected by me of Trump really.

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