I'm not allowing walk-in customers

at my shop. "Just bummin" or "Just killin' time" ain't going to cut it. My kids are out of school and I'm not taking them to the shop to have somebody who just wants to be out-and-about get them sick. I'm not panicking but in all honesty three hours a day is ample time for me to get my shit done and take care of some customers.

"Until April 6th, our hours of operation will be M-F 12 noon until 3pm. During this time, we will not service walk-in customers. My personal cell phone number is (and always has been) posted on the front windows. If you have a specific question or would like to inquire about a specific product, call us. We can work with you if you need to pawn, sell, or purchase something without having you walk into the store. We can be reached through Facebook Messenger, email at, and by text/phone at 1-888-468-7825.


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