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When was the last time you heard on the news that so many people were dying from the flu because there weren't enough
respirators, or ICU beds? I believe that this whole "flatten the curve" is nonsense. Despite more people dying from
complications from influenza (viral pneumonia) by orders of magnitude each year for decades, I've never heard any medical
person claim that it was because of a shortage of equipment. Old people in poor health die because their weakened
condition diminishes their ability to fight off the infection. All the respirators and ICU beds in the country won't save them
when their bodies' immune systems are overloaded and shut down. ICU treatment will save a number of marginal patients
who might have otherwise died, but those with conditions like COPD, diabetes, obesity, chronic illnesses, will die regardless.

The death toll in Washington State occurred in an assisted living facility. That isn't a place like The Villages, in Florida, where
a lot of otherwise healthy elderly people live independent lives; it's a care facility for people too feeble to care for themselves.
Those were patients at the end stages of their lives.

The media loves to hype this statistical anomaly and portray it as possibly applying to the rest of the country in general.

These infirm people will die from this disease, as they do from the flu (et al.), and all the medical care facilities won't save
them because all the O2 treatments and ICU care isn't going to stop febrile complications that will weaken already compromised
bodies and result in death. It's unfortunate when it happens to a family member, but it happens every year to tens of
thousands of people just from influenza alone, never mind blood infections, common colds, etc.

Not *IF*, but *WHEN* this turns into the big nothing-burger apocalypse, Government officials at all levels will be patting
themselves on the back and making statements about how this could have been much worse, but it was only because of their
over-reaching reaction that disaster was averted.

To make a somewhat poor analogy, I think we're going to see much more media hype whenever there is a flu outbreak, or
any other pandemic, or epidemic. (Zika, Dengue fever, etc.) It's like the concept of school lock-downs, once upon a time
they were rare events in response to school shooters. Now I see news stories that multiple schools are placed on lock-downs
due to police incidents occurring within a 7 mile radius of a single school; an event that has nothing to do with the school or
poses as a threat to the school. It could be a couple of gang-bangers hashing out a drug deal beef blasting a few caps at
each other a few miles up the road, but the next thing one hears on the news is that the school was placed on lock-down.

It gets the kids used to the concept that their lives are in constant peril, and only Big Government can save them.

Gentlemen, the "cure" so far has been far worse than the "disease". F.D.R. (may he rot in Hell) was right (for once) when he
said, "The only thing we have to fear... is fear itself."

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