It's not permissible, but go for it.

Absolutely, give it a try.

I'm selling off some surplus stuff. Not asking anything crazy. Under retail, even. The stupidity of people knows few bounds. Stores here are 90% empty of 12g buckshot. What they do have is $5.50-$7.00 a box for the same stuff I'm selling - if they even have it.

I'm asking $4. 10 box minimum. A great deal in times of zombie viruses.

I know good people are scared and realize they aren't prepared for what they think is coming. I'm not trying to profit from that. I'm offering some relief.

Well, fuck me.

Having the lowest price in the 6th largest city in the country - try to imagine the contact I'm having.

They all want 'discounts'. Entitlement mindsets.

The one's I have the most fun with are at distance. Real cherry pickers. I tell them where the meet is (about 6 miles from my house) and it's "too far" for them to drive.

Okay, asshole. Head on over to Bass Pro (because Walmart is empty shelves) and pay the above prices.

$6 in gas and an hour round trip in the hoopty is too much for them. But paying $1.50 (or more) a box and a 9% something sales tax 20 miles out to their nearest retail outfit is their alternative. IF there is any left. God, dumb-asses. Take a look online, idiot. 90% of it is out of stock. Reality much? And the reason they are contacting me is because NO-ONE is selling it for less than me in the entire state! ONE guy is selling tactical flaccid pecker 'reduced recoil' rounds for the same price. I'm the only game in town at .75 cents a round.

And then they think they're going to 'chew me down' with their shrewd negotiating techniques.

I went back into my listings and RAISED the price to $5/box. And put a note in there about why - chronic dumbassery. I tell them it's only going to go up, certainly for now, with all the rampant stupid. And Friday, I'm going to $6/box. I just haven't told them yet.

Fuck, I'm GIVING AWAY ammo to acquaintances that are feeling stupid. One has two buckshot rounds and a box and a half of 9mm (75 rounds) in his entire house. Imagine that feeling. I'm giving him 150 rounds of FMJ reloads of mine and 50 rounds of premium 9mm JHP. Adding about 20 rounds of full power 00 buck to fill his shotgun at least three times. I just bought a handgun to GIVE to a female that is feeling spooked. I just sold almost a case of premium $40/box 9mm JHP to a guy at $25/50 box. He's an older retired guy and lives with his wife way out in the desert in the west valley. He had no problem coming to me. Good man. Invited me to come out and shoot anytime - and insists he provides the ammo.

I don't know. Maybe I'm the dumb ass.

I'm interested in what responses you get if your ad survives.

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