OK. I've decided about CV19.

my opinion only of course. I'm not confident in my stance bc nobody knows anything here....but I'm gonna take a stand.
I've been on the fence...from believing we're all doomed to this is hype.
Ive fluctuated back and forth . Ive witnessed what yall have.
I'll try to keep it easy to decide if I was correct or not .
This is not a slander to those with a different opinion. Not at all. I respect you so plz do the same.

1. Our response to CV19 in USA will end up being MUCH worse than the disease. We are wrecking our economy with little to show for it.

2. Nobody on this bus will die from CV19 this year. There. Thats a solid metric of reality v. hype

3. YOU will not have a family member die of this.

4. we prob all will get sick ...well a good % of us. and we'll recover. and thats that.

5. This will have long lasting economic damage - from our response...and the govt will hand out piles of free money. One step closer to socialism/welfare expanded/nanny state.

6. we wont see massive usa deaths or hospitals overflowing italy style. sure the media may pick up on ONE just as they searched so damn hard to find that one pic of a dead immigrant boy washed up on a beach...or a solitary oil covered bird after bp spill, im excluding the hype. I mean reality, routine, frequent...the state of affairs.

7. Yes..we are EARLY in the game...may more cases will occur and be reported and things will get worse than they are right NOW....but it's not gonna get bad to the degree that many of us FEEL it will.

Gentlemen.....I feel we have been played by the media, our own fear, the powers that be.

I'm saying ...I believe its "just a bad flu season".... want a metric? I dunno...lets say 3x worse than the normal flu season in all aspects. Done.
THREE TIMES THE NORMAL FLU in total end of it.
Not worth what we have done to ourselves.

There. I hope I'm right. You hope I'm right too.

Let's just see. And sure..take your measures to guard against it...whatever you are comfortable with.

That's my official stance. Log it now.

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