Do what I did yesterday.....Take a drive, and breath deep...
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And realize this madness in engineered and designed to break us. There is no need for the business shutdowns, there is no need for the closure of the schools. There is no need for 24/7 coverage of the Chinese Virus that has plagued the world. Its causing people to act in a irrational manner and it's making people jump out of the market killing the economy.

Yes its killing people. Its terrible. Yes its infectinng people. Its spreading. Its here.

Yet Influenza has infected millions of Americans so far, and killed 64,000.

And our government has done nothing to stop it. They didn't shut down the world for it. It didn't effect the economy. The Media didnt even hardly talk about it this year..

We are being manipulated by the greatest social engineering experiment ever seen by mankind. The personification of every end of the world plague movie you have ever seen rolled out onto real life. It's meant to break you, separate you from your money and labor, and most important....make you doubt your reality.

Get outside, breath, collect yourself....and understand this is a war for people's minds.

Remember, I am on the front lines of this shit, and when I come on here and tell you to run for the hills THAT will be the time for fear.

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