I don't make the rules, I just want to win. *Link*

I get how wrong it in on the surface, but I also understand where we are in the cycle of Democracy, even if we are a Republic. At some point we need to understand that if playing by the rules and wearing the white hate allows us to lose everything our forefathers fought and died for then maybe we need to evaluate the game, the players, the rules that only we are following, and the prize.

Unfortunately someone has already figured out the end game, I am just hoping somehow we can either hold out longer until another option is available, or just hold out longer period. If we have a choice of playing the game strait and losing the supreme court, federal judges, the house, senate, presidency, followed by anything we hold dear since the democrats gaining full power will have an obvious ending, then we might consider another option.

If you really want to examine reality, the government owns no money, they simply tax us for ours. They will be giving me back money I was taxed. When they need it after this event is over, they will take it back again. Until then, you might want to read the quote by Alexander Tytler. I would say we are close to the dependence stage, which is of course always followed by bondage. But hey, I'm a glass is half full kind of guy, followed by I have plenty of TP and live in the greatest country in the world. I live in "the good old days", I have good health care, a retirement check coming in monthly, and a smart conservative president who has been amazing over the last administration.

President Trump defeated about 17 Republican or RINO candidates, the RNC, the Democratic candidates, the DNC and all their hired henchmen, voter fraud, a fake impeachment, etc. etc. etc. I have faith he can handle a little virus now and a socialist or opponent with Alzheimer's in November and continue to MAGA. I am an optimist. :-)

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