Or maybe not.........
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I don't claim to be smart enough to be a 4 D chess player. The check mate of the current game is getting elected so he can appoint the supreme court justices and other federal judges. Without that done, nothing else matters because they can always say "unconstitutional" and kill anything, including the RKBA.

The Democrats are constantly promising money using the basic Santa Clause maneuver to get votes. No one is going to care about what the economy is going to do over the next 10 years, everyone is focused on what is happening right here and now in their lives. They vote based on the here and now, not the long run. If he has to piss away a few trillion to satisfy the voters and get elected so he can do some real nation building in his next term so be it. We are already trillions in debt anyway, hopefully the ends will justify the means. The Democrats offer $1000 for their votes, maybe he can ride in on his white horse and say that is an insult, they deserve $2000, otherwise he looks like an ass and we know how the liberal media will spin it. I personally think he is smarter than I will ever be, and I am smarter than Biden will ever be, so I am going to keep on keeping on. I will buy when the market is down for my future, keep a reasonable amount of things stocked up, and show up on election day and vote strait republican without even reading the ballot this year.

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