Trump is an idiot here...

So Orange Man wants to throw a trillion dollars into the economy to ameliorate the effects of this covid insanity. He's just gonna pull it out of his ass I suppose. Or have Mnuchin do it. It's not enough that this whole market roller coaster we've been on for the last several years is the result of smoke and mirrors economics and creative debt financing. It's not enough that the federal reserve has jumped through it's own asshole to support the markets through creative monetary policy that includes zero interest rates, propping up interbank overnight loans, along with other financial wizardry. Now we have states shutting down gathering places, the markets crashing, lots of worry, and a metric shit fucking ton of stupid and hype in the drama queen media which is fomenting the same stupid among the citizenry. We've all known for a long time that our financial system is a house of cards. Maybe this covid thing is just the right recipe at the right time to tear it all down. Maybe we ought to just let it happen so we can rebuild from the rubble. Part of me would love to see that happen. The other part of me, the one that has worked for years to get ahead of the masses and improve my standard of living, doesn't want the party to end yet.

What Orange man should do, if he gives a shit about that latter part of me, is to tell those shut-down-states to back off. Tell them to keep venues open to prevent unemployment and they won't need no trillion dollar give-away program. Tell them they can restrict people 60 and up from going to those places to maintain some semblance of normalcy of operations for the business and employment, increase the herd immunity of the nation to covid, while keeping the social benefit sucking old fuckers alive to some extent. The oldsters that don't make it out alive can be held up as patriot heroes that died to preserve the American economy for their children. And, realistically, that's what old people do is die so that's not a new concept. An added plus would be the future savings in healthcare and social security benefits that might put off the impending insolvency of the system for a few more decades; I have a feeling our millenial kids are really going to need it. As an aside, it's such a shame the "greatest generation" didn't have this opportunity to support the system they created. For their children, of course.

Or, we can merrily load magazines while we watch the economic reset drag everybody to zero in a world where only the fittest survive and there is no such thing as money as we know it today. Come to think of it, either way seems to lead there. The question of timing remains.

Sometimes I don't really give a shit which one happens. I just wish we could hurry up and decide which way it's going to go so we can get on with whatever kind of life is left and stop this idiocy.

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