Gouging and Hoarding

Well it has started. I have noticed on a couple of other boards the terms "gouging & hoarding" being used. I have seen it stated that the people that were SMART, and stacked it deep, when it was cheap, are now being labeled "hoarders". If they sell anything at market prices , they are labeled "gougers".

A lot of people only seem to be concerned with their own self interest. They seem to forget the fables of their youth. About the three little pigs and the one that built the brick house, or the ant and the grasshopper, where the ant was storing the food. Even the unicorns that were playing and missed Noah's boat. The fables were for teaching. That is why history is important. Forget it, and you will relive it. Don't be that guy.

I had a number of sayings at work, and one was "Paying the Stupid Tax". I did such a good job getting that out, that any time someone would buy anything when the price was up, would say they paid the Stupid Tax. I tried to get people to realize that smart people buy on the lows, not the highs.

Tom In Va.
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