Being rural, I call it going to the mall, for Walmart trips

The wife will go to the "Country Mall" aka Walmart to get some items. She knows when the "cards" are refilled on the first of the month, and avoids it like the plague. I go maybe once a month, if I need to get engine oil, or some thing they carry cheap. I had been meaning to get some Federal bulk pack .22 ammo, but I guess that won't happen anytime soon. Though I still have .22 ammo I staked deep last time it was cheap. I am not paying the Stupid Tax for something I don't have to have.

So, it will be an interesting April Fool's this year depending on EBT refills and store stocking. I am staying far away from Walmart.

Tom In Va.
I still have plenty of bottled piss, and an owl. So I am okay.

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