EBT Card Payment Dates *Link*

I got to thinking about a post joking about the stores starting to get restocked because people may be running out of money and I thought "I wonder what date the EBT cards are paid?" Turns out there is a system for each state. I am would suggest if you want anything from a store, you buy it before those cards get paid or you will find the swarm of the locust again. Make an effort to go early, go to a few stores etc. Once those cards start getting paid, I imagine you will find more panic from this group than any other, and many likely are not working so they have all day to shop. Many of these are the 1st of the month through maybe the 10th of the month depending on what the state bases the payment date. It would also be good times to NOT be in the stores and shelter in place to avoid having to shoot some ignorant panic driven liberal who thinks a roll of TP is worth a violent attack on you.

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