Doesn't matter, what matters is how many need advanced treatment. *Pic*
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How many do not get better with out-of-hospital care? How many require hospitalization for stabilization? Of those hospitalized, how many require intensive care?

This are the real questions the medical community need to be hammering to the fucking public. Everyone acting like every person who tests positive for Covid is going to wind up in ICU on a vent and expiring is getting really tiring.

Food for thought...we hear nothing from government officials or medical professionals in the news about Influenza this year.

36,000,000 – 51,000,000 flu illnesses in the US so far this year.

17,000,000 – 24,000,000 flu medical visits or sought treatment.

370,000 – 670,000 flu hospitalizations, these people occupied a bed.

overall Influenza cumulative hospitalization rate was 61.6 per 100,000 population.

22,000 – 55,000 flu deaths in the United States so far, not a peep mentioned in the MSM or by government officials. NOT A FUCKING PEEP.

Among 2,867 hospitalized adults with information on underlying medical conditions, 92.3% had at least one reported underlying medical condition, the most commonly reported were cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorder, obesity, and chronic lung disease. Among 472 hospitalized children with information on underlying medical conditions, 48.3% had at least one underlying medical condition; the most commonly reported was asthma. Among 477 hospitalized women of childbearing age (15-44 years) with information on pregnancy status, 27.5% were pregnant.

Based on National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) mortality surveillance data available on March 12, 2020, 7.1% of the deaths occurring during the week ending February 29, 2020 (week 9) were due to P&I. This percentage is below the epidemic threshold of 7.3% for week 9.

COVID HAD better kill 60,000 Americans inside of 60 days or our government officials and medical professionals will have A LOT of explaining to do for the destruction caused to people and property with their hyperization of this viral disease.

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