Good China virus timeline.

Copied from some other site.

December 31- China lets WHO know there is something happening ( we know now that it started well before in November)

Jan 1: Wuhan Market ID'ed as Hub
Jan 3: china starts screening passenger for flu like illness coming from Wuhan
Jan 5: WHO says NO NEED TO BAN travel from china. ( whoops )
Jan 6: SARS and Bird FLu ruled out.
Jan 7: Chinese ID it as Novel Coronavirus
Jan 8: First suspected case seen in Thailand
Jan 9: COVID-19 genome sequenced and confirmed as something new.
Jan 11: First Death in Wuhan
Jan 13: Thailand Case Confirmed
Jan 15: First Case in Japan
Jan 17: second Chinese death
Jan 20: First case in South Korea ( still no ban from the WHO BTW)
Jan 21: first US case
Jan 22: 500 sick in china, 17 dead, and WHO put on hold declaring a health emergency... do we see a pattern in the WHO? could they have acted sooner?
Jan 23: China restricts travel. WHO met again and postponed decision on international health emergency declaration of the deadly virus.
Jan 24: China imposes more travel restrictions and starts building and emergency hospital. Nothing from WHO.
Jan 25: Canada and Nepal have cases, Hong Kong declares emergency.
Jan 26: US, France to evacuate nationals from Wuhan; WHO changes risk to ‘high; Mexico confirms first case
Jan 27: Sri Lanka reports first coronavirus case; More countries look to evacuate nationals. 81 dead in China. 2700+ cases
Jan 28: Japan, Taiwan and Germany report first domestic transmission. White house says it may ban travel from China.
Jan 29: Death toll touches 132; UAE and Germany confirm four cases: airlines start cancelling or restricting flights to/ from china.
Jan 30: Russia closes 2,700 mile border; US reports first domestic person to person case
Jan 31: Death toll hits 213; WHO declares global emergency; UK confirms first cases; President declares travel ban.
Could it have been shut down sooner? in hindsight? yes, but things progressed extremely fast in a month.

Lets look at Congress:

December 1-12 Impeachment hearings in Intel and Judiciary committees with vote on Dec 12
December 13-14-15-16 Recess
December 17-18-19 in session Impeachment Vote on Dec 18 Nancy holds the articles and does not send them to the senate.
December 20-Jan 6 recess
Jan 6-16 impeachment posturing. Articles finally transmitted.
Jan 16 Impeachment trial starts
Jan 17 Impeachment trial
Jan 18 Impeachment
Jan 19: impeachment
Jan 20- Feb 5 Impeachment trial and Acquittal. 5 days after the president announced he banned travel from china.