Here's the NH report

Paper products: stripped clean

Pasta: gone, except for lasagna

Frozen food meals & vegetables: gone

Ground beef: gone, except the expensive black angus/buffalo stuff

Chicken: gone from Walmart, had some drumsticks and wings at the regular supermarket

Ramen noodles: gone

Cheese: wiped out, but supermarket staff was refilling the display out of a cart. There were two guys doing this from the same cart, but none of the stuff was in boxes so I suspect they were opening the shipping boxes out back and only filling up the display with a few of each to sorta ration it. We got a big bag of shredded cheese because pizza.

Plenty of seafood, steaks, beef roasts, pork products (including bacon). Not much corned beef left considering it was the day before St Patrick's. I grabbed 6 or 7 corned beefs because they were $1.79/lb and I always stock up when they are on sale.

Overall it was sorta boring. We were expecting to see white trash folks fighting over shit in the stores but I guess they were out of money by the time we got there for our regular grocery run.

When we remodeled the house, we built a nice, old fashioned pantry room with three walls lined with shelves and stocked it pretty week over the years when stuff goes on sale. We've got buckets of rice & beans stored, a chest freezer, a fridge in the shop and a fridge in the house upstairs so shopping is more of a "replace what we used" thing.

The good news is that the supermarket had plenty of my favorite ice cream so I get a few.

A friend of my daughter's reported earlier tonight that Walmart has toilet paper again, but there are security guards protecting it and you can only buy two packages.

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