Live in Bethesda/CC area of Md

Thulsa might know the area. we're well stocked but going out to see if I can find a few items. Am always up early so roll into the Giant @ 6:30 Parking lot 1/2 full w. people pushing full carts, but some make no sense. One lady paper towels on top, but bottles of salad dressing on the bottom. What?! In the store, produce, dairy, eggs, cheese full up. meat gone, canned goods iffy. paper wiped out. Some lady asking the clerk about TP.

"we had it stocked at 6 when we opened , but what we have is gone" Notice some paper towels, but kleenex and paper napkins gone. So I'm behind this woman and we end up going down the same isle. People are just abandoning their carts while they go panic forage. This woman stops at an unattended cart w/ a 6 pack roll of TP in it and is eyeing it. I can tell she's thinking "no one around, a 6 pack etc"

She looks at it forever (well maybe 45 seconds) drops her head and moves on. Part of me said "I will out her if she takes it, but the more rational part said if you leave TP unattended in these times, you get what you get"

This is wealthy suburban Montgomery County, but damn, am I going to have to gun up to go buy groceries?

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