My expereince mirrors yours
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In small town central AZ, Walmart and the Frys grocery store looked like locusts had descended. Some isles bare, others mostly untouched
Some things completely bare, others well stocked.

Fresh chicken
frozen chicken,
any dishwashing detergent (hand wash), plenty of dishwasher powder type stuff.
Milk in less than 1 gallon size,
Aspirin, tylenol, motrin, etc,
Many canned veggies, lots of canned okra, and brussel sprouts though,
dry pasta, lots of spaghetti type canned sauce, though,
hamburger/ground beef
paper goods
other odds and ends

What they DID have: lots of beer (on sale no less), ice cream, on sale, fresh steak,
first aid stuff, neosporin, bandages, dressings, etc. Things i would have though would be gone.

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