New Yorkers should be prepared for a ‘shelter-in-place order,’ Mayor sa *Link*

New Yorkers should be prepared for a ‘shelter-in-place order,’ Mayor Bill de Blasio says

New Yorkers should prepare for a “shelter-in-place” order in the coming days as local officials try to contain the fast-moving coronavirus that’s spreading throughout the U.S., New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday, adding that a decision will be made in the next 48 hours.

“We are all deeply concerned ... this is quite clear this is a fast growing crisis,” he said at a press conference. “All New Yorkers, even though a decision has not been made by the city or the state, I think that all New Yorkers should be prepared right now for the possibility of a shelter-in-place order.”

There are now 814 confirmed cases in New York City, he said, adding that 248 are in Queens, 277 in Manhattan, 157 in Brooklyn, 96 in the Bronx and 36 in Staten Island. Seven people in the city have died so far and 124 people are in the hospital, he said.

De Blasio acknowledged that New Yorkers will face “tremendously substantial challenges” under a shelter-in-place order and that he doesn’t take the decision lightly.