Could have ended a lot worse -

we just had a shooting here - on a metro bus, where a 28 YO tribal guy who had been civilly committed for - get this - trying to kill someone but not competent to stand trial - got in an argument with one guy on the bus. he shoots him when the bus stops, and then shoots another random guy just standing there in the head ( for practice I guess) . He was not in a lock up facility because "he just slipped through the cracks in the system". Some ahole in the mire of state leftist bureaucracy let this turd walk around until he killed someone else. Who will be held accountable ? We all know it will just happen again. My point to my family is be aware ALL the time - crazy fuckers not on their meds or just plain mentally ill are all over. Not just the "big city" or "somewhere else". Be Firm, be polite, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

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